About Us

We, Tooling India (www.toolingindia.com) are an India based e-commerce company specializing in B2B procurement of industrial products such as Tools, Hardware, Pneumatics and Safety items etc. Across the globe, Industrial procurement is a very complex subject on account of fragmentation of products & categories involved as well as the scattered supplier concentration. Tooling India has braced itself to shoulder the responsibility of providing a smooth and seamless solution to this long-standing problem of the industry.

Tooling India is owned and operated by Tool Kraft Private Limited headquartered in Vadodara, Gujarat. Being in the center of the industry capital of the country, Tooling India has an edge towards the domain knowledge. Our expanding supplier network and proximity to customers allows us to make the procurement process extremely efficient. Tooling India’s propriety logistics and servicing solution – TI Hub – is an innovation in this industry.
Visit www.toolingindia.com to learn more about TI-Hubs and how it can benefit your procurement and delivery requirements.

Suppliers Working with Tooling India will

  • Ensure payments on time – Always
  • Expand your customer base
  • Increase volumes and profits
  • Make your sales more efficient and stress-free

Tooling India is all about serving the customers need at their level. We do not require our customers to change their buying process or even depend on a website only. Tooling India understands how businesses work and has innovated process to fit all industry sizes.
Tooling India’s TI-Hub is a revolutionary solution that is aimed towards making procurement easy and efficient.